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How can I use CBD Crystalline Isolate?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Because CBD Crystalline Isolate does not have intoxicating effects, is almost flavourless and odourless, it can be taken daily and consumed in several different ways, including as a versatile ingredient that won’t interfere with the flavour, texture, or aroma of your favourite recipe. You can add it to any oil-based foods (CBD isolate is not compatible with water-soluble recipes) and you can bake with it.

Added to Food

CBD Crystalline Isolate is suitable to mix with oil and fat based foods such as butter, oils, egg products, nut butters or flours, hummus, coconut-based or diary-based foods such as yogurt or soft cheeses, avocados, olive paste, coco butter or milk chocolate.


CBD Crystalline Isolate can be used in its raw form or added prior to cooking, such as in baked goods. When baking with it, you will want to add the CBD isolate into the oil or egg mixture before folding in dry ingredients and mix well to ensure it is spread evenly. Keep in mind, CBD has a boiling point and can degrade in high heat. Make sure you cook at low temperatures at less than 350º Fahrenheit.

Making an Oil Mixture

You can make your own CBD oil out of CBD Crystalline Isolate that can easily be added to your coffee, teas, smoothies or in cooking. Simply combine your favourite oil (sunflower, coconut or olive oils for example) with your desired dose of CBD Crystalline Isolate into a glass tincture bottle. Shake it up and wait until the isolate has dissolved. Once it is dissolved, it can be used in cooking, coffee or tea, smoothies or under your tongue.

Nut butters
Add isolate to your nut butters.

Under the tongue

CBD Crystalline Isolate can be put under the tongue and held there for at least 60 seconds. While nearly flavourless, there may still be a trace of cannabis taste in the isolate.

Cannabis products vary in potency and formulation, and every individual is different, therefore, we recommend consulting a doctor when using cannabis products for the first time and starting off slowly with a low dose.

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